Thursday, March 25, 2010

Come Listen!

That Wedding Show with Anne and Chris (of The Man Registry) has launched on the Wedding Podcast Network!

The show is a mix of wedding trends and happenings and Chris and I debate and discuss some of the most common wedding fights/arguments brides and grooms have - like when to talk about the wedding (brides: not all the time) and how to divide the guest list between the two families.

Click here to listen to the premiere show

And it's about 40 minutes so I'd listen while doing chores in the house or during your commute or at the gym.  I listened to the show at work today with headphones.

And at one point we tell you how you can win free wedding invitations, wedding favors and bridesmaid dresses through the show's sponsor

Can't wait to hear your thoughts and if you have a problem you need help solving email with what you and your groom are arguing about.


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