Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Point of Inspiration

A lot of bloggers and magazines and Web sites write about inspiration and I think at this point we all pretty much know what inspiration for your wedding is: Any and everything that inspires you or gives you ideas for your wedding. But what exactly are you looking for?

It's important to see what things you are consistently gravitating to: colors, details, themes, locations. As you start to review the items that you are pulling and saving either alone or with a wedding planner or florist start grouping together images that are similar. You'll start to see a pattern. Those images will help you form your wedding color palette and wedding theme.

I'm sure you've selected dozens of pages of great ideas but you don't need/want to include everyone of those elements in your wedding. Some may not make sense at a wedding and you can save these other ideas for other occasions: Showers, cocktail parties, birthday parties, etc...

Your theme and color palette are created to help you and your vendors bring everything together so your wedding has a unique look and feel and is not a hodge podge of your favorite things. Trust me, you'll find a place for these other ideas at an event down the road.


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