Friday, March 05, 2010

Bridal Market's Here Again and How It Affects You

I've started getting invitations to a few wedding dress shows to see the Fall 2010 collections and I can't believe it's been six months since the Spring 2010.  For me, and other bridal media editors bridal market is a time for us discover the latest trends in wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses veils, headpieces and accessories and of course we all share them with you.

But how does bridal market affect brides?  These are the dresses that will be arriving in bridal salons between the end of the summer and early fall.  You can browse online galleries to start looking at styles you like so that when you're ready to make an appointment at a bridal salon you can show the salesperson what you want to try on.

It's important to remember that these dresses will NOT be available for about six months but you can show a picture of a style you like but it won't be available to try for several months.

You should order your wedding dress six months before your wedding so if your wedding is next spring or summer you can afford to wait till the fall to buy a dress, but if you're getting married in the next six to nine months you shouldn't take a chance and wait for these gowns to hit stores.  You will either incur high rush charges or it may not be possible at all to get the dress in time for your wedding.


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