Friday, February 18, 2011

Budgeting for Going Over Your Wedding Budget

So over the last few weeks I’ve become a fan, Dave would say obsessed, with the show Bones. It’s a crime drama. In this week’s episode a wedding planner is murdered and there’s a scene where the father of the bride and the bride are arguing about money. The FOB is explaining to his daughter that there’s no more money for a certain wine she wants and expensive orchids for the centerpieces. The bride is not happy with his answer.

When you’re planning your wedding budget I always recommend reserving about 10% of your budget for emergencies. Now, I’m not saying that fancy orchids or wine is an emergency but it’s quite common to decide at the last minute that you must have some detail that you hadn’t thought of before -- a bridal fashion accessory, wedding favor, floral detail, entertainment, etc…

By having that money on reserve you’ll be sure not to go over budget or have to stress about not being able to have something you really want on your wedding day.


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