Monday, February 21, 2011

Tips on Handling Your B-List Wedding Guest List

I was talking to a bride and groom a few weeks ago about their guest list. They wanted to know how best to handle mailing invites to their B-list guests.

The venue could only hold 100 people but they had about 125 people they wanted to invite to their wedding so they put 25 people on their B-list.

I told them that the best way to handle it is to mail the wedding invitations about 10-12 weeks before the wedding and when they start getting “not able to attend” replies they can send the B-List invitations. Hopefully the regrets will come in sooner than later so when the B-lister gets an invite at the 6-8 weeks before the wedding point they won’t think that their invitation was late because most people send wedding invitations at the 8 weeks to go mark.

Now there are a few points I’d like to add to this post:

1 - Do not send a save-the-date card to anyone on your B-list because anyone who receives a save-the-date card is expecting a wedding invitation.

2 - Do not invite people to your bridal shower if they’re on the B-list because they’ll be expecting a wedding invitation to follow.

3 - Most RSVPs to come back first are the “attending” cards so you may not get a lot of “regrets” until several weeks after invitations have gone out, which makes it harder to send your B-list guests invites in a timely manner.

4 - Wedding experts agree that 10% of your invited guests will not be able to attend your wedding but that doesn’t mean you should add 10% to your guest list. Your wedding could be the one where everyone who is invited can make it.


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