Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Should Mom Carry Flowers?

Your parents are considered part of the bridal party, especially if they are in the processional. You can have both of your parents give you away, or an usher or groomsman can escort mom to her seat.

Since your bridesmaids will be carrying bouquets and the flower girl will carry a basket of petals, why not give the moms blooms to carry too.

The traditional style for mom is the corsage -- just like the kind you wore to your prom. A corsage comes in two styles: pinned and wristlet. The pinned kind will make a permanent hole in your mom's beautiful gown, and the wristlet can be itchy and get in the way when eating and dancing.

If you want mom to have flowers I recommend having a small bouquet, or posy, made for each mom. The flowers should be made up of the same color and blooms that are in your bouquet and the bridesmaids', and should match dad's or her escort's boutonniere.


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