Friday, May 13, 2011

Bridesmaids Blog Tour: What to Do With a Bridesmaid Dress After the Wedding

The new film Bridesmaids hits theatres today, May 13th, and if you’re looking for either a great date night with your fiance or a night out with the girls order tickets now. The film is set around a wedding and it’s the story of friendship.

When Annie (Kristen Wiig) is asked to be her best friend’s maid-of-honor she has to lead a group of bridesmaids as they search for the perfect bridesmaid dress, plan a bridal shower, bachelorette party and help with the wedding details. Annie’s lfe is a mess and she finds herself competing for the bride’s attention with another ‘maid.

As brides and bridesmaids we all know that weddings can bring out both the best and worst in people and in this story it also brings a lot of laughs (and a really cute cop with a Irish accent).

Take your fiance and make this film part of your next date night or grab your bridesmaids and plan a girl’s night out. You’re sure to have a great time either way.

I walked away with a number of great planning tips for this blog but as a bride you’re sure to find ideas for your own wedding and bridesmaids will get inspired by the bridal shower and bachelorette party ideas.

The photos below show a familiar scene: the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dress that will both flatter every bridesmaids’ figure and not hurt their wallets. But what I think about when it comes to bridesmaid dresses is what to do with them after the wedding.

If you’ve been a bridesmaid you already know you probably won’t wear the bridesmaid dress you wore again. And as the bride your bridesmaids probably won’t wear the bridesmaid dress you’ve picked no matter how flattering you think it is.

But don’t let a bridesmaid dress or dresses take up space in your closet. There are a number of options you have to make the dress wearable for you or others. Here are some ideas:

Alter it. Take your bridesmaid dress to a local tailor and talk to a professional about redesigning it. Shorten a floor-length gown to a cocktail length. Cut it in two and create a top and bottom that you can pair with other clothes.

Donate it. A number of organizations will accept donations of gently used evening wear that low-income teens can use for prom dresses.  Visit to find a list of charities from across the country you can donate your bridesmaid dress to.

Recycle it. is a new service by The Dessy Group that will let you exchange a used bridesmaid or party dress by any designer for a new little black dress. The dress you send in will either be recycled or donated and you’ll receive a 30-50% discount on a new dress that you can wear again and again.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Universal Pictures’ Bridesmaids. Photos courtesy of Universal Pictures


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