Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wedding Don'ts Inspired by the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding was full of inspiration -- check out my story on Wedding Wire to find 10 creative wedding details -- but there were also some things that happened that you may not want to replicate at your own big day.  Here are 10 (royal) wedding don'ts:

1 - Make sure your bridal bouquet is in proportion to the size for your wedding dress.  While Kate's bridal bouquet was lovely it was too small for the gown she was wearing and looked more appropriately sized for a bridesmaid bouquet.

2 - If your guests will be arriving before the ceremony begins, even half an hour, it's nice to offer them a beverage such as water, sparking water, iced tea, lemonade or champagne as they wait.  You can also have music playing, either canned or live.

3 - As mentioned on Twitter during the wedding, Post-it labels are not a detail you want your guests to see.  If you're reserving seats print pew cards or place cards at home or through your stationer.

4 - If either you or your fiance have a number of assets -- money, property, heirlooms -- that you want to ensure stay in the family then hire lawyers and get a prenup.  It's been reported that the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not sign one, and neither are protected without one -- his wealth or her royal title as well as guarantees to money and property if they get divorced.  Remember what happened to her mother and his aunt Fergie?

5 - Yes, the bride looked beautiful but her makeup could have been better.  We all know that Kate decided to do her own wedding makeup and had private lessons but your everyday makeup may not be best for your wedding day.  You need to wear makeup that will last all day and ensure that you look great in your photographs and video.

6 - The one hiccup during the ceremony was where Prince William had a little trouble getting the wedding ring on Kate's finger.  Make sure to try on your wedding rings before you leave the jeweler to ensure that you don't have a similar issue during your wedding ceremony.

7 - The Queen hosted the wedding -- you knew because the wedding invitations came from her office.  I was told through my sources that The Queen had strong feelings about certain wedding details and the couple had to acquiesce to her request because she was both paying for the wedding and there's also that she is The Queen.  When parents or grandparents offer to chip in for your wedding make sure to find out if there are any strings attached to the check, and if so make sure to find out what they are in advance of cashing it.

8 - I  think it was the ambassador to Syria who was disinvited a few days before the wedding, and while his invitation was revoked due to international conflicts - and I'm not making a political statement here - in general I wouldn't advise disinviting a wedding guest days before your wedding.  It will mess with your seating chart.

9 - Are you planning on wearing a veil?  Make sure that the veil you choose doesn't lay flat on your face but gives you a bit of breathing room.  One trick is to hold your bridal bouquet under your veil but towards the hem of it so the fabric is pulled (slightly) a way from your face.

10 - At the evening reception for the newlyweds it's been reported that each table, there were 30, were named for places that were important to the couple.  It's very difficult to find tables that are not numbered because the table could be anywhere in the room.  With numbers it's usually even on one side, odd on the other and in numerical order.  If you're having over 10 tables it will make it easier for guests to find their seats if they're numbered.


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