Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why a Wedding Video is Important

We went to a Bar Mitzvah over the weekend and my daughter danced the whole night long.  From the moment we entered the room until 4 hours later when the DJ stopped playing and the lights in the ballroom went on she was having the time of her life, which turns out to be the new last dance song (Time of My Life).

My sister-in-law hired a photographer but not a videographer and because of the dim lighting our blackberry video cameras couldn't catch her in action.  I left wishing that they had hired a videographer so we would have a few minutes of her rockin' out to Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer in a bandana and party dress.  At least we got some stills.

It's these moments that make me recommend videography to brides.  At my wedding it is having my grandparents on film that I'm grateful for, and I'm sure my kids and grandkids will be glad that Dave and I hired a videographer, Robert Allen, for our wedding.

Wedding Planning Tip: When you're looking for a wedding videographer, just like when meeting a wedding photographer, ask to see an entire wedding video. You don't want to see a highlights or "greatest hits" reel. You want to see an entire wedding from getting ready to the ceremony and through the reception to get an idea of how each part of the day is caught on film.


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