Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Wedding Planning Tip

I had an idea for a great post today, and to be honest, I completely forgot what it was, so here’s a random wedding planning tip:

While you’ve been overseeing all of the details of your wedding for the last year, on your wedding day delegate all responsibilities to your wedding planner (if you hired one), vendors and bridal party.

On your big day you should not be setting out seating cards – you can alphabetize them the week before and pass them off to your planner, location manager, florist or bridesmaids.

On your big day you should not be trying to figure out why table 6 doesn’t have the right amount of place settings – give the final seating chart to your catering manager who will set the tables.

On your big day you should not be trying to figure out how to get to the ceremony site – if you’re ordering a limo or other car, confirm the order the day before and if they’re running late don’t panic, just ask your wedding planner, mom or a bridesmaid to call and find out what the hold up is.

On your big day you should let all the little things fall to the wayside and just enjoy the special moments – seeing your groom for the first time in your dress, saying your vows, and sharing your first kiss and dance.


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