Friday, August 29, 2008

What Does Black Tie Really Mean?

So we’re having a little debate in my house. What exactly is Black Tie? We were invited to a wedding and the bottom of the card had “Black Tie” printed on it. We figured evening gown and tux, but then we were told by a friend that the bride said a black suit was fine.

So Dave decided on a black suit, and my evening gown became a fun (and knee-length) party dress.

Then through an email exchange we learned that a black suit is no longer appropriate and that a tux is required. After talking to Dave and looking at what some of the magazine’s have been showing as formal - red carpet looks - I thought that a formal black suit with a “fancy” tie would be fine for Dave and I can still wear my party dress (which I really want to wear).

But the debate goes on… can a guy substitute the classic tuxedo and bowtie for a nice black suit and tie?

If you put “Black Tie” on your invitation what would expect/want your guests to show up in?


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