Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Digital vs Disposable Cameras

Do you remember last year I told you the story that I went to a concert and at the beginning of the show I remarked to Dave how surprised I was to see so many people waving lighters? And then he corrected me and explained that those weren’t lighters but cell phones and digital cameras.

My wedding planning tip related to this story was that you shouldn’t waste money on supplying guests with disposable cameras. (Not to mention the cost of developing the film.) The majority of your guests will bring their own cameras to your wedding and the day after you’ll receive dozens of emails with links to photo galleries filled with pics from your wedding.

I took a few pictures of guests taking pictures at a wedding last weekend, and I really liked this one. The groom’s sister sat in the first row of the ceremony and was able to get some great shots.

So was I.


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