Thursday, September 11, 2008

You are Seated at Table...

When you’re planning your seating chart remember that there are two places in the reception room that are not regarded as the best seats in the house. Sitting next to the band or a DJ’s speaker makes it hard for guests to have conversations at the table. And sitting next to the kitchen places guests far from the dance floor and center of activities, as well as puts them right next to a very busy area – waiters and bussers with large trays coming and going.

As you can see from the photo above, we were seated next to the kitchen at a recent wedding we attended. Now that’s fine, someone has to be seated there, but it’s important when you’re arranging tables that you consider very carefully who you put in these chairs.

If you are inviting someone that either you don’t really care for or don’t care if they get upset with you, you can place them in one of these areas. The other option is to place friends or relatives that you know won’t give you an attitude or a problem for being seated next to the band or kitchen.

At this wedding we were with a group of friends of the bride and groom, and besides me, no one mentioned the fact that we were next to the kitchen. They did however notice that we were sitting under a vent and that it was hard to get a good look at the first dance and speeches from our seats.

So when you’re finalizing your seating chart it’s just as important to think about where the tables will be in the room as it is to plan who will be sitting at each table.


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