Monday, September 01, 2008

What Not to Do When You're in the Wedding

We went to a great wedding this past weekend and I got a lot of ideas for future tips. I thought I’d start the week with what you’d think is an obvious one, but after this weekend apparently isn’t.

Gum chewing is not allowed, especially when you are a member of the bridal party.

As the best man made his way down the aisle, the guest sitting next to me asked me if he was chewing gum. As he reached the altar and turned to face the crowd it was apparent that he was. And he continued to throughout the ceremony.

I don’t know if we were the only two guests to notice, but I’m sure if the bride knew she would have asked him to spit it out before the processional began.  Of course we won't tell her, but she may catch it on her wedding video.

So you don’t have to worry about gum chewing, just ask – or have your wedding planner ask – everyone to spit out any gum, sucking candies or breathe mints right before the processional/ceremony. You may want to ask them to spit them out during formal pictures too.

PS – We noticed halfway through the reception that Dave had stepped in gum and suspect that it was the best man's.


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