Monday, September 29, 2008

Out Damn Spot!

I couldn’t find the clip online but there was a sketch on Saturday Night Live this weekend I wanted to share with you. The skit was a used wedding dress store where the dresses were used – 2, 3, 4, even 36 times – and stained – coffee, bird poop and soup were a few of the stains mentioned.

To be completely honest, the segment wasn’t one of the funniest ones I’ve ever seen, but it got me thinking… If a bride does buy a “used” dress either on eBay, at a consignment store or even at a sample or charity sale there’s no guarantee that the dress will be in pristine condition.

Remember that when you buy a dress at a sample sale, charity sale or  consignment shop – or even if you're planning on wearing you mother’s, grandmother’s or a friend’s dress - the first thing you should do is get it cleaned. And don’t just drop it off at your local dry cleaner. Ask the retailer where you bought the dress to recommend a gown cleaner/preservationist or call one of the three companies I recommend and ask them about pick-up/delivery, pricing and how long it will take to clean. Make sure you tell the company that you only want the dress cleaned, not preserved, and then once you get the clean dress back take it for alterations.

*If the dress you are wearing is a vintage dress – mom’s or grandma’s – take it to a seamstress first to see if you can wear it and what alterations are needed, then get it cleaned before alterations begin.


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