Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Get the Party Started

Last year my friend Elissa and her groom were announced and entered the reception while the band played Billy Idol’s White Wedding.

The couple above, Val and Rob, made their entrance to Now That We Found Love by Heavy D and The Boyz.

I love when couples get creative and pick fun/untraditional songs for their wedding. If you’re looking to make a great entrance, talk to your band or DJ about your options. You can choose an unexpected song or make a more traditional entrance and then surprise guests with a fabulous first dance.

And you don’t have to limit a creative playlist to the reception. You can also create one for your ceremony – when guests are being seated, your processional, during the ceremony and the recessional.  Though I will say, hearing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit sounds weird when played by a string quartet.

Search the Internet for creative playlists, but talk to your band/DJ before you finalize it.  They'll know if something won't sound right and have ideas for what will.


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