Monday, September 15, 2008

Wedding Cake for Rent

My favorite element of the wedding is the cake. My wedding was all about the cake - the number of tiers, shape, design, flavors and fillings. Ask my family and they will tell you that I was obsessed with the cake. To this day, whenever my dad goes to a wedding he calls me, from the wedding, to tell me about the cake.

Just like I was cake crazy, every bride "obsesses" over something - the flowers, her dress, the food, the music. For those of you who would rather spend your budget on something other than the wedding cake, you can now rent a beautifully decorated cake and spend your budget on other details.

Fun Cakes in Michigan will rent you one of their beautifully already “baked” three-tiered cakes – made from styrofoam and decorated with fondant and gumpaste – for $150 plus shipping. (They ship nationwide.)

If you'd like to create something original for your wedding, you can work with owner Kimberly Aya to create your own three-tiered design for as little as $250.

And don’t worry, you can still cut the cake with your groom. Kimberly hides a piece of real cake into the bottom tier, so no one will be the wiser, unless you tell them!


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