Monday, October 27, 2008

Carry All

In addition to the fact that paper and plastic bags may not be the most eco-friendly, they may also not be the sturdiest of choices to carry all of your wedding magazines, books and inspiration items. (I carried a drinking glass with a swirly pattern to my baker and a box of vintage matchbooks to my florist.)

A better idea is to get a sturdy cloth tote. You’ll be able to carry most if not all of your items in one bag – depending on the number of items you are bringing with you and the size of the bag. 

I found this cotton canvas tote at Embrace Only Love. A new line of tees and totes made from eco-friendly fabrics and a percentage of all profits go toward Vipassana Meditation Centers in North America.

The pattern is called "heart blooms" and it comes in red and blue, shown here. Very appropriate for wedding planning – hearts and something blue. The cost is $15.90 and it’s one item you’ll definitely be able to use after the wedding.


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