Friday, October 17, 2008

Fashion Advice for Bridesmaids and Guests

Are you a guest at an upcoming wedding and still not sure what you should wear? Are you having trouble selecting bridesmaid dresses (especially if you’re the bridesmaid and the bride said you could pick your own dress)?

Online fashion shopping site,, just launched a Weddings section with fabulous fashions and accessories for both guests and members of the bridal party. The site is divided into the formality or type of wedding, so you can easily find a dress to fit the style of the wedding you’re going to.

Wedding Planning Tip: If you are a bride and have told your bridesmaids that they can choose their own dress, remember to set some ground rules for them to follow:

1 – Formality: Floor-length, tea-length or knee-length as well as ball gown, party dress or cocktail dress

2 – Coverage: Does the church or temple require that women cover their arms

3 – Color: Give your 'maids a specific shade of color to shop for. Blue can range from navy to royal to turquoise to sky. Make sure they know exactly what color or colors you are okay with


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