Thursday, October 02, 2008

Last Minute Cancellations and Your Final Headcount

Sorry about yesterday – time just got away from me.

I’m dealing with a real life situation that I think can be applied to wedding planning. Tomorrow I’m having a small dinner party with my immediate family and friends and we just got news last night that my grandmother’s brother, our hilarious Uncle Joe passed away.

So similar to the post I wrote when my Grandma Ruthie died, we are dealing with a little bit of a problem because the funeral is tomorrow afternoon outside Washington, DC and my party is in New York City.

Of course I completely understand that my grandmother and parents have to go to the funeral – Dave and I would go too if we weren’t hosting something – but if they can’t get back to NYC by 8pm then we have to pay for three dinners because the final headcount at the restaurant was due yesterday afternoon.

So where is my wedding planning tip in all of this? Here it is:

Make sure to find out from your caterer – in writing – what the last day is that you can change your headcount without incurring any costs. I’m sorry if I sound cheap or heartless, but I thought this was a great tip.

In our situation – which is not a wedding – we have to have a guarantee of 16 guests and now we may be short two if my parents can’t make it back in time. (Grammy is staying for the weekend, which I totally understand.)

So remember, it’s important to get everything in writing and if this situation happens to you be very understanding – which I am being – and just tell those guests who have to cancel at the last minute that while you’re upset they won’t be able to celebrate with you, you completely understand that they have to do whatever it is they have to do.


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