Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Family Emergency

Last week I wrote about a death in the family and I got to thinking more about how to handle family emergencies that may arise the week of or day of your wedding. So here’s a wedding planning for dealing with a family emergency and your wedding:

You may have a grandparent or parent who suddenly gets sick a few weeks, or sometimes days, before your wedding. Talk to your fiance, your parents and the patient (as well as his or her spouse) to determine if it’s at all possible for him or her to attend your wedding — and take part in it if they were going to.

Sometimes you can rearrange things:

Have a wheelchair for someone who won’t be able to walk down the aisle

Order specific food if a dietary restriction has been prescribed - low sodium, non-dairy, etc...

Arrange for a rest area in private – at my sister’s wedding we brought a lounge chair into the bridal suite so my ill grandfather could lay down and rest when he needed to

Only you and your family can make the decision to cancel or postpone the wedding, but think about all of your options before making that decision.


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