Monday, April 20, 2009

To Twitter or Not to Twitter Your Wedding Details

As a 21st century bride I’m sure you’ve been using the Internet to help you plan your wedding. In addition to researching companies online, you have probably joined a wedding community to talk to other brides, click through online galleries and blogs for ideas and may have even started your own wedding Web site (a Wed site) or blog to share your plans with your bridal party and guests. But have you thought about twittering your plans?

I have twittered—or tweeted depending on who you ask—for work. twittered from the front row at bridal market earlier this month and while on my book tour in March I twittered about the vendors I was meeting with and Dave even twittered about my wedding dress trends and shopping tips during my speech at Charleston Fashion Week.

I’ll admit I’m not one to twitter about my personal life—I rarely update my facebook status—but you may want to consider twittering about your wedding plans if you have a large group of friends and relatives who want/need to know all of your plans: parents, siblings, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Signing up for a Twitter account is free and it’s really easy to do. I’ve twittered from my computer and blackberry. The hardest part is writing a post that is less than 140 characters.

But remember there is no reason to give away all of your wedding details. Keep some details private so that when those guests that have been following you on Twitter show up for the big day they will still be surprised at some of the plans you’ve made.


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