Friday, April 10, 2009

Turn that Horrid Bridesmaid Dress into CASH

Do you think you’ve worn the ugliest bridesmaid dress ever? Well, if so than you can enter WE TV’s Ugliest Bridesmaid Contest for a chance to win $5000!

Here’s how to enter:

Go to and click the register button.

Fill out the registration form and upload a picture of you wearing your dress. (Your photo's size must be between .005 MB (50 KB) and 1 MB (1,000 KB), and must be formatted as a JPEG.)

The contest ends, Monday, April 13th so make sure to enter over the weekend.

And if you've been lucky enough to have friends with good taste and haven’t had to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress you can still browse the gallery of those less fortunate than you and rate their bridesmaid dresses.

Here’s a link to the contest’s official rules

Good luck!

Wedding Planning Tip: If you're a bride who is still deciding on bridesmaid dresses for your 'maids, you'll never find one dress that will please everyone so you may want to consider choosing a designer you like and have each girl choose a silhouette in the same fabric and color. This way they'll all match and they'll feel comfortable in the dress.


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