Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Reminder for Your Guests

Do you remember the post I wrote last summer about not spending your money on disposable cameras because your guests will take pictures with their own digital cameras and cell phones?

If you’re concerned that your guests won’t remember to email you the pictures they took at your wedding you can have them place a friendly reminder on their cameras so they won’t forget.

SayAnythingDesign.com sells customized stickers—that won’t damage or leave a sticky residue on cameras—and will remind guests to send you an email with pics from your wedding—your email address is on the sticker.

You can place "StikPics" with the seating cards guests take when they enter your wedding site or have them handed out with your wedding program.

PS - In no way can your guests' pictures replace those taken by a professional photgrapher. Pictures taken by guests are just extra for your scrapbook.


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