Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Flower Girl and Ring Bearers

Have you ever been to a wedding where the flower girl or ring bearer is a baby. And I don’t mean a toddler that’s really young – I mean an infant. As in there is no way that this child is getting down the aisle without being carried by an adult. But which adult should carry him or her?

When possible this adult should be the child’s parent. A close relative or friend who the child knows may work too, but you risk the chance that the baby boy or girl will freak out and need his or her mom or dad.

You may also have to decide at the last minute if your infant attendant really can make it down the aisle. A baby will not understand a bribe of candy or a toy at the end of the aisle as older children will. A baby may fall asleep right before the ceremony or even start crying, making a walk down the aisle impossible.

If you do decide to have an infant niece, nephew, cousin, friend or your own child make it down the aisle, have a backup plan. Have someone “on hold” who can watch the child in another room if he or she starts crying or falls asleep. And when possible have the baby’s parent carry him or her down the aisle.  You'll also want someone to take the child after he or she makes it to the altar.  There's no guarantee a baby will make it through the ceremony either.


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