Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding Gown Advice From Those Who Know

At the Be Engaged 2 event at The White Dress by the Shore two weeks ago, I asked bridal salon owner, Beth Chapman, for some wedding dress shopping tips and she shared one piece of advice that I think surprised the audience: Wear underwear to your wedding dress appointment.

Now, when I shared this same advice at the Charleston Bridal Couture Show this past Saturday and I heard a number of audience members chuckle. A few years back when I was working on a TV segment with a real bride I mentioned this piece of wedding wisdom to a colleague and she refused to believe that a woman would leave home sans panties.

But as Britney Spears and some of her peers have shown us over the past few years, forgetting your bloomers is not as uncommon as some may think.

So, when you’re off to a bridal salon to try on wedding dresses, or even if you’ve already purchased a dress and you're going to a fitting, please remember to wear underwear.

And here’s a related tip: If your mom, grandma or another relative or friend will be with you at the bridal salon and you don’t want them to know that you have a tattoo on your rear make sure you wear briefs to cover up your derrière. I was told a story by a salon owner a few years back of a bride whose grandmother rescinded her offer to buy the bride’s wedding dress after seeing the name of the groom tattooed across her butt.

Photo Credit: Justin Marantz Photography


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