Friday, March 13, 2009

Don't Stress Over Wedding Timelines

I had a conversation yesterday with a bride getting married in October 2010. She knows that she has a lot of time to plan but she was nervous that she would miss something on the bridal to-do list.

Wedding planning timelines are a guide. You don’t have to follow them to a T – it’s just a way for brides to know what tasks they should get done and an estimate of when. Some things are obvious: You can’t book vendors until you set the date and book a hall and you can’t order invitations until you have the date and location and you have to order them about three to four months before the wedding to get them mailed out by the six to eight week mark. Other tasks can happen in almost any order. Once you book the hall you can hire all of your vendors in any order – photo, video, flowers, music.

Timelines are definitely helpful and you should look to them to make sure you don’t forget something but from the 12-month to the 3-month marks, the tasks can be done in almost any order. So don’t make yourself too crazy about checking off every item in the right order shown.

In the words of Capt Barbossa: "They're more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules."

I’m off to Boston for a wedding event at the Commandant’s House. If you’re in the area, click here for the details!


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