Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Backup Your Files

My computer's memory is full so I think it's time to get a new one - and one with more memory. The last time I bought a mac I didn't think I needed a lot of memory because I didn't have an iPod so there were no music files, I rarely took pictures and never took video so all I had to save were Word and Excel files.

In the past year all of this has changed.

I got an iPod for Hanukkah in 2008 and have hundreds of songs saved. And since RB I'm constantly taking pictures and video. So today we're off to Apple to buy a new computer with a lot of memory.

When planning your wedding you are probably going to be downloading music ideas for your ceremony and receptions, taking pictures of ideas and of course after your wedding you'll be downloading and uploading pictures and videos that you and your family/friends took on the big day. You may even download podcasts from the Wedding Podcast Network to listen to wedding planning advice or planning tools from various wedding planing Web sites.

In order to protect everything on your computer I highly recommmend getting a backup system to protect all of your files - wedding related or not. It won't be fun to have to start collecting guest addresses again. And I'm sure there are non-wedding files on your computer that you won't want to lose, possibly forever.


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