Thursday, January 07, 2010

Making a Fabulous Exit

If your ceremony and reception are at two different locations a simple idea is to supply guests with flower petals, birdseed, bubbles, flags or sparklers as you and your groom leave your ceremony site and head for the car (or other form of transportation) taking you to your reception.

If you’re planning on having your ceremony and reception at the same location, you can supply these items to toss or wave as you walk up the aisle, as you enter your reception or as you leave at the end of the night.

I know it’s hard to leave before your guests. Every bride wants to savor every moment of her wedding till the very end, but I’m telling you from experience, you’ll have a better memory of saying good-bye and then running through a crowd of cheers. I found it a little sad to be the last ones to leave the ballroom, all dressed up and holding a box with the top tier of my cake in it. All the tables had already been stripped, the band gone and the dim lights switched to full power. I think the last shot on my wedding video is me sitting on the dance floor in my dress with my groom.

I was so into the party that I never wanted it to end. I didn’t think of how it would feel to be alone in that bare room without our guests and music playing.

So when you’re planning your wedding details, think about your wedding timeline and talk to your groom about making a fabulous exit – similar to the entrance you made at the beginning of your reception. It will be a great memory and photo-op.


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