Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who Keeps the Ring When the Engagement is Broken?

Have you heard War of the Roses on 103.5 KTU in New York? I listen to KTU at work all day and LOVE this segment – it’s at 5:40 every evening. Basically the DJs pretend to be a flower site and offer an unsuspecting man or woman (though it’s usually a man) a free delivery of a dozen roses to send to anyone in the country. These cheaters are targeted by the person they are cheating on – the idea is to discover whether or not their suspicions are right? In addition to name and address the suspected cheater can send a message with the flowers.

And of course, the cheater always sends it to someone other than his girlfriend, fiancé or wife. Once the message is given the girlfriend/wife confront him on the phone.

Today it was an engaged couple and the bride dumped her fiancé who told her the cheating would end once they are married – she didn’t believe him. She told him the wedding is off and that she’s keeping the ring, selling it and having a big party with her girlfriends.

Technically the ring is not hers to keep. Etiquette dictates that no matter who cancels the wedding, for whatever reason, the ring goes back to the guy who paid for it. If the ring was a family heirloom on the bride’s side she keeps it.

Of course etiquette is a set of guidelines and not rules that are set in stone. If I was her I’d probably keep and sell the ring too. Wouldn’t you?

BTW, this guy's message: Dear Natalie: I land Friday am and plan to land in you Friday pm. (He's a pilot.)

I'd dump him just for thinking of that cheesy message.


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