Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't Wait Till the Last Minute to Pack for Your Honeymoon

Dave and I are taking the baby for a short vacation but with a baby our carry-ons only rule is impossible to enforce. Besides trying to remember everything we need for her I'm forgetting everything I need for me!

I made a list last weekend of everything she would need and it included some items for me but with work I saved packing for both of us till tonight and I'm scrambling to remember each and every item we'll need. I'm sure our destination will have basic necessities for all three of us but I hate having to spend money on a toothbrush or extra bathing suit when there's one at home that I forgot to bring.

The point of my post is that the week of -- and especially the day before -- your wedding you'll have a million things on your mind. You'll save yourself a lot of stress by packing everything you need for your honeymoon in advance and then you can just add last minute toiletries the night before you leave. And if you want you can call a luggage delivery service who will pick your bags up at your door and ship them to your destination for you. ( is one service that comes to mind.)

With a luggage shipping service it'll be much easier to leave your reception and head straight to the airport. Imagine the perks you may get by showing up in your wedding dress and him in a tux! Or you could buy yourself a fun going away outfit to change into before you make your exit.


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