Monday, April 19, 2010

How Much Do I Register For?

Some brides and grooms worry that their bridal registry list will look like they are greedy if it's too long. At this weekend's B-List Conference the Bridal Registry experts at Williams-Sonoma shared a formula they use with couples to help determine how many gifts they should register for.

I think it's brilliant so I'm sharing it with you:

Since most wedding guests come in pairs, have one gift for every two guests. Simply divide your guest list total in half for that number.

If you are having a bridal shower, add one gift per guest.

If you are having an engagement party take the total number of guests and divide it by two since most guests will come in pairs, as couples.

When you have all three numbers add them together and that is the minimum number of gifts you should register for.

  • 150 wedding guests = 75 gifts
  • 30 shower guests = 30 gifts (This doesn't include wishing-well gifts so add about 20 gadgets or items under $10.  Click here to read what a Wishing Well is.)
  • 60 engagement party guests = 30 gifts
TOTAL number of gifts to register for:   135 gifts plus wishing-well gifts

Now I would round up to 150 in case some guests may want to buy several items, plus the wishing-well gifts.


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