Tuesday, April 06, 2010

How to Find Your Officiant and Not a Guy Who Will Get Drunk at the Open Bar

Someone just told me a story about an officiant at their friend's wedding.  Neither family knew someone in the area so they went online and found an officiant, interviewed him and hired him.

Before the ceremony he did a few shots with the groom and groomsmen and by the time the ceremony came around it was clear that he was, as my grandma would say, inebriated.  He slurred his speech, forgot to say words and phrases that are common in a wedding ceremony and was caught be all staring at the bride's decolletage.  He even forgot to sign the marriage license and had to go to the brunch the next day to make sure it was signed by all. 

I know it's easy to get caught up in all the wedding details - flowers, wedding cake, favors - but the most important part of your wedding is the ceremony.  That is the part that joins the two of you together and unfortunately it is often overlooked.

If you don't have a priest, rabbi or judge that you or your groom, or your parents, personally know then ask friends and relatives who married them.  I wouldn't take a chance just calling someone because you like their Web site.


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