Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Keep Wedding Guests Cool On a Hot Wedding Day

It is so hot out. Can you imagine what it would be like if you had an outdoor wedding in this heat?

If you’re getting married outdoors and in a location where it is extremely hot or a heat wave is possible, you may want to double check a few things and add a few cooling wedding details.
  1. Make sure the venue - ceremony and reception - have an air conditioning system to keep you and your guests cool.
  2. Renting a tent?  Talk to the tent company about bringing in an air conditioner and what your other options are to keep guests cool.
  3. If you are thinking of having your guests stand during the ceremony and mingle during the reception, have enough seats available for older guests and children.
  4. Have a shaded area for guests to avoid direct sunlight by either renting a tent or reserving an indoor space at your venue.
  5. Offer guests cold drinks when they arrive to help them cool off before the ceremony. You can serve water - still or sparkling - or you can create a themed beverage bar - lemonade, iced tea or virgin cocktails on the rocks.
  6. In addition to wedding cake serve your guests a chilled dessert such as ice cream, sorbet or gelato. Maybe your wedding cake baker can make you a Baked Alaska wedding cake?  Or what about a large ice cream cake from Carvel?
  7. As guests arrive for the ceremony have an usher hand out paper fans. You can double up on details by printing your wedding program on one or both sides of the fan.


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