Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Don't Jump to Conclusions

A friend whose shower was this past weekend told me that she was surprised that two of her guests didn't bring a shower gift with them to the party.  I knew that she thought a gift wasn't coming but I told her not to jump to any conclusions, at least not yet.

It's possible that they forgot the gift at home or decided to have it shipped to the bride's home instead of bringing it with them to the shower - either because it was to heavy to carry or because  they didn't have time to get to the store and only had time to shop online.

It's only been a few days so I told her to wait a few weeks and see if a gift arrives in the mail  It's not like these shower guests won't be getting a wedding invitation due to this situation, but I could tell that the bride was not happy about this situation - she was definitely surprised someone would show up without a shower gift.  After all the main event at a bridal shower is opening up all the bride's gifts, right?

There are a few people who didn't give us a gift at our wedding - seven years later I'm assuming the check isn't in the mail.  But there was one guest who couldn't make the wedding and about nine months after the wedding, we received a glass punch bowl in the mail.  It was the nicest surprise and one of my favorite wedding gifts.

Don't jump to conclusions if you find yourself in this situation.  I always assume the best in people and if someone does come to your shower or wedding without a gift, yes it's upsetting and surprising, but don't write them off, you never know if a gift could arrive one day or the non-gift giver may surprise you in another way wedding or non-wedding related.


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