Monday, July 26, 2010

A Wedding on a Boat

Last week I wrote a post about weddings at sea or on a boat based on a wedding that my friend was going to last weekend.  Today I got the full report from her and felt that I should share it with you.

So they get to the boat and it's not a fancy yacht or a modern boat that looks like it does a lot of catered events.  She said the boat looked really old and it was small.  So small in fact that it was very cramped before everyone was there and set sail.

In a New York summer, during a heat wave, the couple chose a boat that had no air conditioning and the outdoor deck space for guests to cool off was tiny - smaller than the indoor space that was already cramped, so not everyone could enjoy the cool sea air.

About a half hour after setting sail a thunderstorm hit.

What's the lesson in all of this?

1 - Think of your guests' needs.  Air conditioning in the summer is essential.  Enough space to move around for mixing, mingling and dancing is also important.

2 - Always have a plan B.  The forecast said there would be a storm that night so I don't know why the couple or the ship's captain or catering manager chose to risk being on a boat in the middle of it.

3 - Have Dramamine on hand just in case someone gets seasick.

4 - Choose a boat that has modern amenities and one that your guests can't, or probably won't, describe as old.


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