Thursday, July 08, 2010

Your Mom Has Been Dreaming of Your Wedding Longer Than You Have

If you’re a basketball fan you probably just learned that LeBron James has decided to go to the Miami Heat.

Now to be honest, I don’t really care except that Dave would have liked it if he came to NY, but LeBron said something in the interview this evening that caught my attention.

He said he had a conversation with his mom this morning and that talk helped him confirm his decision to go to Miami.

You know your mom has been dreaming of your wedding since you were born. I know as soon as I learned we were having a girl I started thinking of her wedding. And when Dave danced around the apartment with her at three months old I thought of the father-daughter dance they would share one day.

I know I work in weddings so it’s weddings all the time by me, but it’s important that you realize how much this day means to your parents. So when you are planning your wedding include them in the planning process. Ask them for their opinions. Ask them to join you when you meet with vendors. Don’t just include them in discussions on money.

Trust me, you’ll have a much better planning process and wonderful memories from this time if you do.

And by the way, his mom has been thinking of her son’s wedding since he was a baby too so don’t forget to include your future mother-in-law in some of the plans.


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