Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weddings at Sea: A Few Helpful Tips

A friend of mine called today to borrow an outfit for a wedding.  She said that it's this weekend, in New York City, but more specifically on a boat.  The boat will set sail at a specific time and circle Manhattan.  My friend was told that it's casual party attire, that she should wear flat shoes and that if she wants she can dress in the wedding's nautical theme.

I thought it was interesting that the bride was specific in what attire she was suggesting guests should wear, but better to let people know that heels are probably not the best option.

There were a few other things that came to mind re: a wedding on a boat, especially since someone earlier this week told me that he and his fiance were planning to get married on a cruise ship next summer.

So here are some tips and thoughts re: a wedding at sea:

1.  Don't plan a cruise to the Caribbean during hurricane season.  And if you do risk it make sure to get traveler's insurance and that your policy allows for reimbursement due to inclement weather.  Recommend to your guests that they do the same thing.

2.  If you are getting married by a ship's captain, get all the legal information in writing in advance of the cruise so that all the paperwork is in order and when you return home you are legally married.

3.  Have Dramamine or other seasickness medication on hand at the wedding.  You can include a pack in your guest room gifts or just have some nearby in case a guest needs some.  It's safe to assume that most of your guests will know if they are prone to seasickness but sometimes if the weather gets too choppy or the meal didn't sit well a guest could get seasick and Dramamine will come in handy.

4.  Suggest guests bring a shawl, cardigan or jacket with them because it can get chilly.  You can also offer pashmina wraps to guests as a gift or to borrow when they arrive.

5.  Have a plan B if it looks like the weather is turning stormy.  Talk to the boat's catering manager about land or dock options if a storm hits and the water gets to choppy.

6.  Make sure that your guests know exactly what time the ship is setting sail and when the ship will dock.  You don't want any guests missing the boat!


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