Thursday, January 08, 2009

Acronyms, Part II

You know, I just remembered what got me on this acronym thing.  I just got an email about a stationery sale that read: BOGO in the subject line.

At Carvel over the weekend there was a sign for BOGO Sundaes and I asked my sister what a BOGO Sundae was and she told me:  Buy One Get One.  She was surprised I never heard of BOGO before but I never did.  Have you?

And I do agree with the commenter re: STD for save the date.  Dave and I make STD lists which sometime freaks people out.  STD:  Shit to Do.

I just learned about a great event coming up on the 15th in NYC - I'll write about it later today.  And if you know of an event anywhere in the US please email me the details so I can share it with everyone!


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