Friday, January 09, 2009

Dave's Favorite Wedding Planning Tip

I asked Dave for his favorite wedding planning tip and without a second thought he said, "scoring your shoes so you don't slip during your first dance."

I'm always surprised with all the wedding details he notices and remarks he makes at and about weddings.  So in honor of my loving hubby, I'm reminding all brides that it's very important to score the bottom of your shoes and your grooms.

To score your shoes take a sharp non-serrated knife or scissor or ice pick and make a lot of horizontal and vertical lines and don't forget to make a "x" on your heel.

And remember to break your shoes in too - both of you.  There's no superstition about not seeing the bride's shoes before the wedding!  Practice your first dance in your wedding shoes and walk around the house in them as well to make sure they aren't to tight on your big day.


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