Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vendor Contracts

It’s very important to make sure that every detail relating to your wedding, and not just the wedding date, time and location, is included in each of your vendor contracts. You also want a list of the total cost, the deposit amount/due date and when the balance is due.

Each vendor’s service will require a different set of details. Here’s a list of vendors and the contract details you’ll need. This list is not 100% of everything you’ll need so do some research online for a more detailed list.

  • Delivery time of cake and contact information of baker/delivery service

  • Cake flavors, fillings, number of tiers, decor

  • Dietary restrictions/allergies that you want the baker to be aware of

  • Number of people the cake will serve

  • If a separate “top tier” will be supplied

  • Number of bouquets, boutonnières, centerpieces, ceremony décor, etc…

  • Set-up details

  • Number of, type and names of all musicians, especially if you requested specific people

  • Start time and hours of service at the wedding

  • Details of break times:  number of, live or canned music played during breaks

  • Name of photographer/videographer and any assistants

  • Start time and hours of service at the wedding, including getting ready times

  • Date of when proofs, album and video are due to you - both pre and post-edit drafts

  • Details of service – type of film used, number of proofs, copies of albums, videos


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