Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When Words Get in the Way

I was watching the inauguration today and when Justice Roberts was swearing in President Obama I noticed that there was a flub in the words. It turns out that Justice Roberts switched some of the words in the oath. The President noticed the mistake but still recited them the way Justice Roberts said them. I think then Justice Roberts corrected himself and President Obama recited them in the correct order. And of course, this made me think of a great wedding tip for your ceremony.

Remember the story I told you of how at my sister’s wedding, the Rabbi mentioned our grandparents: Jerry and Ruth. Phil and Leonard! My grandmother’s name is Leonora.

While the immediate family members noticed the mistake, most people didn’t. If your officiant makes a mistake during the ceremony, let it go. Most people will not notice it and you’ll end up embarrassing your officiant and bringing greater attention to the error - that most people didn't notice to begin with. Even Princess Diana, when reciting her vows to Prince Charles mixed up the order of his names – I think he has about half a dozen.

To this day - almost six years later - we sometimes tease Grammy and call her Leonard and it's a great family joke/story.


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