Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't Flub Your Wedding Vows

Since the news of the day was all about the inauguration, I came across an interesting bit of info that relates to yesterday’s blog post.

According to the TODAY show, Justice Roberts did not have notes with him when he administered the oath to President Obama and tried to say the words by heart. As we all know, Justice Roberts mixed up some of the words. The oath is 35 words long and while not as long as President Obama’s speech (18 minutes), Justice Roberts could have easily have a card with the words on it just in case. And no one would have thought any less of him for it.

So, for today’s tip: Whether you are reciting your own vows and/or making a speech at your wedding, I highly recommend having the words on index cards for you to use as a reference. Your wedding is an emotional time and no one – not even your groom – will hold it against you if you refer to a card with the words on them. It will make you feel more comfortable knowing that they’re there and if you don't need them great, but if you do, you'll be glad they are available.

Wondering where you'd put them? Ask your maid-of-honor or officiant to hold them and pass them to you right before you recite your vows.


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