Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wedding Ceremony Processional Music Tip

When choosing music for your ceremony processional, it's important to ask your house of worship if there are any limits on what you can and can't have played. Some churches and synagogues will only allow specific religious songs played.

If you are not limited in your music choices, talk to the musicians you hired about your options.

You can choose a theme so that all the songs are related to another - love songs, the same artist, show tunes (that's what we did and it turns out my parents also chose show tunes). And remember to select songs that have a special meaning to you or the people that are walking down to them. At my sister’s wedding I walked down to the theme from Gone With the Wind because I’m a huge GWTW fan.

There are tons of wedding web sites that have ceremony processional song ideas, but you can really use anything you like. My brother-in-law walked down the aisle at his wedding to the theme from Rocky.

So think outside the music box and be creative with your processional choices. And definitely choose a fun song for your recessional too!


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