Monday, April 04, 2011

Hiring a Professional Photographer for Honeymoon Shots

We honeymooned in Paris and since it was just the two of us most photographs are of me or Dave or one of the two of us that one of us took with an outstretched arm and heads very close together.  You know the type.  I came across what would have been a very nice shot of us at the Eiffel Tower if only we had asked someone to take the photo of us together instead of trying to do it ourselves.

Nice shots of what should be your most romantic vacation can be great additions to your wedding album as well as photos to frame around your home or you can use them for a holiday card.

So why not hire a professional photographer for your honeymoon?

I recently learned of Photo Trek Tours, a New York City based company that will take your around the city, to all the sights, and take great photos of you and it only costs a few hundred dollars.

This got me thinking...a local photographer will know the best places to get great shots of the two of you and the whole shoot would only take a few hours. This way you’re guaranteed great honeymoon photos.

Looking back I wish we would have asked someone to take photos of the two of us but since neither of us speak French that really wasn't an option.

I think I'm starting a new trend.  What do you think?


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