Thursday, April 07, 2011

A New Take on Cupcakes from Bee's Knees Baking Company

At the New York Weddings magazine show I saw a cake company called the Bee's Knees Baking Company and I have to say they have a very interesting take on both the traditional wedding cake and cupcake trend.

They make single serving cakes in cups so each guest can enjoy a delicious piece of cake in cupcake size.  I like it because it offers more flavor varieties than cupcakes and because it's in a cup and you eat it with a fork or spoon so it won't be as messy to eat.  And let's face it, the cupcake trend has kind of run its course.

For wedding cakes the company will construct a tiered display so each serving can be separated with ease -- you won't have to worry about a cake-cutting fee -- and you can have a variety of different flavor and filling options so you're sure to have something everyone will love.

I know they deliver in the New York City area but call or email them to see if they can ship their cake-cups to your area.  Here's a sample of what a wedding "cake" would look like:


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