Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keeping Your Wedding Dress a Secret

While you probably won't go to the lengths Kate Middleton has to keep her wedding dress a secret, and the media won't be making educated guesses on who your wedding dress designer is, you may still want to keep the designer and design of your wedding dress a secret.  And as the bride you have that right.  So how do you keep the information under wraps:

1 - Don't bring anyone with you, except for maybe mom and sis,  you visit bridal salons or for your fittings.  And if you feel the need to bring some bridesmaids keep the one with a big mouth at home.

2 - Don't have a picture of it in an easy to find place.  If you have a wedding organizer you may want to find another place for the dress information if there's a chance your groom may go looking for other wedding details, like a vendor's phone number.

3 - Don't make comments about other dresses you see on TV, in the movies on celebrities or on brides whose weddings you're a guest at.  Your comment may lead to what you do and don't like for your own wedding dress.


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