Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding Vendor Contracts: Don't Let This Happen to You

A friend called me and said that she thinks her wedding venue misrepresented themselves.  When she went to meet with themlocation manager they told her that linens were included, tables that could seat 6-12 people (she wants varying sizes), specific chair styles and that they can have a DJ and dance floor during the reception.

All of this was told to them, but it wasn't so specific in the contract they signed.

It didn't occur to them to ask for specifics and now when they mention these items the venue is saying that either these things aren't possible unless they pay extra or have fewer people to make room for the larger tables, DJ and dance floor.

At this point there's not much she can do except cancel and lose her deposit.  But the wedding is only a few months away and she's concerned they won't get a better deal elsewhere.  Her loss can be your gain by not making their mistake.

Make sure specific information re: amounts of items, types of food, flowers, etc, number of people, layout, style of chairs, linens, china, etc are all included if you want specific items at your wedding.  If you get the information in an email but not in the contract you may have legal recourse but if it's just said to you then it's he said she said and you'll probably lose.

I know I'm writing about the venue here, but don't be afraid to get specific in all of your vendor contracts.


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