Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prenups: A Thought

A friend of a friend is getting married in a few months and after being engaged for almost a year and having dated the guy for several years he gave her a prenup to sign.  Now I don't know if they discussed it earlier but she was shocked with the level of detail in the agreement, and shocked further that in the case of a divorce she would get nothing.  She couldn't even get her name on the deed of a house they bought.  He finally gave into some of her requests and I think the wedding is still set for this summer.

Dave and I don't have a prenup because neither of us had anything to bring to our marriage financially when we got engaged -- both of us were just of school -- but if you or your fiance have property or financials you won't to protect it's okay to ask your significant other to sign a prenup.  It doesn't mean that you think the marriage is doomed from the start, but g-d forbid you land in divorce court one day at least you are somewhat protected.

And if you do need a prenup make sure it is put together by a lawyer.   I think some celebrity had a prenup written up on a cocktail napkin and the judge threw it out.  She got millions upon millions in the divorce.


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