Monday, April 25, 2011

Your Wedding Dress Days Before the Wedding

I’ve been covering the royal wedding since before Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement, and while I’ve written and read stories on almost every detail, there was a story I saw today that I thought was interesting.

I forget the source but it basically said that the wedding dress was done and the next time the bride would put it on would be on her wedding day.

All I thought was, “I hope the dress was finished at this point, I mean g-d the wedding is only a few days away!”

Remember that when you order your wedding dress it should arrive about three months before your wedding date so you can have at least three fittings. I say at least because if you lost or gained some weight or if the wedding dress has a lot of detail that has to be worked around the seamstress may need weeks or months to ensure that the dress fits you like a glove.

After your final fitting, a week or two before the wedding, your dress will be stuffed with tissue to ensure the shape and a steamer will be used to remove any creases. You’ll probably pick it up a day or two before the big day. And make sure to ask for any instructions: Should you remove the plastic? Should you hang it or lay it on a flat surface?

I think the answers are: Hang it -- from a door so it doesn’t touch the floor and put a white sheet under it if it does. I want to say take it out of the plastic and put a white sheet over it, but for 24 to 48 hours I don’t think the plastic will make a difference.  Check with the salon.


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